To get large volumes of SMS traffic through efficiently, this is the IDEAL solution to use. With this solution one can send out hundreds, even thousands of SMS per second. Our reliable and powerful SMS gateway can handle your SMS which leaves you with the time to handle and innovate on what APIs can connect to the SMS gateway. You don't have to login everytime you want to send SMS, and there's no need for account user or groups amangement on our platform. You can use it for account verifications, automated SMS alerts, IoT notifications, reseller SMS and other uses.


High Speed Messaging

Get to send thousands of messages per minute, non-stop.

Delivery Analytics Summary

Get to see the summary of messages sent, success rates and detailed delivery status per message.

Critical Alerts Enabled

Automatic balance and system alerts when thresholds and limits are reached

Reduced Prices

Get the benefit of reduced prices when you send high volume of messages.

No Contracts   ·   No Signup Fee   ·   Credits don't expire

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