Sending and receiving text messages online has never been easier. You can have your messages as long as 5 text messages (765 characters). With our service you are able to schedule the message for sending later, set an automatic repeating reminder and also get your customers to text in to the number provided**.


Send messages

Send messages from a designated number or from an alpanumeric sender ID of your choice*

Receive messages

Receceive messages online from your customers. By creating opt-in and reply campaigns you can enable your customers to engage with you.

Check Delivery Analytics

View the status of your messages, so that you can see if they're delivered or not. View percentages and success-rate statistics.

Visual Reminders Calendar

Click on our SMS calendar on your account and set appointment reminders from there. You can set them as repeat reminders, for and day, week and month combination you want.

Contacts Management

Manage your contacts online. Upload your contacts by CSV file, or just simple copy & paste. Better yet you can set an opt-in campaign that captures subscribers.

Multiple account users

With one SMSJuice account you can register multiple account users for free. Delegate people in your organisation to do the messaging.

No Contracts   ·   No Signup Fee   ·   Credits don't expire

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