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Auto-Responder (or Virtual Mobile) Numbers & Keywords on Shortcodes

A an Auto-responder or virtual mobile number is a number that you can give to your customers, patients and subscribers to reply or send information to. The messages they send will appear in your inbox and you can use it for automatic rsponders when the customers text to it.

A shortcode works in the same way, but the shortcode is shared and you can have a unique keyword that your customers can text to the shortcode, and it will come to your inbox, or even send out an automatic repsonse to them.

Product Monthly Yearly
Virtual Mobile Number £15 £99
Shared Shortcode £20 £200


Virtual Reply Number

Get a virtual reply number for your customers to interact and reply to your messages

Detailed Live Message Delivery Reports

See your message delivery analytics as they update when messages are delivered

Multi-User Account

You can have one account for your whole organisation, and have multiple users

No Setup Fees

Our accounts do not have any setup fees or contracts tied with them. It's free to join. Only pay for what you use

Contact Management

Manage your individual contacts and groups online. Upload your contacts using CSV files, copy/paste or get your contacts to text-in and store the number.

Auto-Responder Messages

Setup automatic responses for customers who text in to opt-in for your campaigns.

No Contracts   ·   No Signup Fee   ·   Credits don't expire

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