SMSJuice SMS API helps you to connect to our system and services from your own software and web-based applications. Our API uses REST methods (POST, GET...etc) and is platform/language independent. Our Java & PHP SDK/Wrappers also help you to simplify sending messages by making the most common tasks easier. If you need any assistance or have any questions please contact us on

API Version 1.1.1 Released!

Version 1.1.1 of our API has now been released. It offers more functions and abilities. The main change that has been made from the previous version is the inclusion of contacts and contact groups manipulation and message sending capabilities. The list below shows what's new in the new version.

What's New In Version 1.1.1

Send to hundreds of recipients with 1 request

You can send a message to hundreds of recipients with ONE POST request. This is an improvement from the previous version where you could only send to 1 recipient per request.

Send to send to multiple contact groups on your account.

As well as sending to multiple recipients, you can now send to multiple contact groups which are stored/saved on your account. This saves you the hassle of repeatedly putting in numbers of recipients every time you need to send a message, when you can save them on your account and send to them by using the group name of the group they are stored in.

Add groups, delete groups & view groups lists

You can add new groups to your account, view all group names and also delete groups from your account. Groups make it easy for you to manage a group of contacts, and to send messages to them all you have to do is list the group name in the recipient field, change the recipient type and send the message. Every one in the group will receive the message.

Add contacts to a group, delete contacts & view all contacts in a group

As well as manipulating groups, you can now add contacts to and delete contacts from existing groups. This makes the management of groups easier.


The only requirement use our API you will need to signup and get your API KEY & API SECRET from your settings page. To make sure your account is secure you need to keep your API credentials safe and only use them in your software/web-based/email2SMS applications.

Wrappers/SDK methods

For each API functionality you will find the corresponding wrapper functionality for the available wrappers. The wrappers we currently have available are Java & PHP.

Language API Reference (Docs)
Java Latest Documentation

Previous versions :
PHP Documentation

Wrappers/SDK Dependency Repositories & Libraries


PHP Dependency Repository

For php you can get the dependency using Composer

composer require smsjuice/http-api-wrapper

JSON is our friend

Our APIs use JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) because of its lightweight nature (over XML).