Britcom Adding Value Added Services to clients

Britcom is an Information technology (“IT”) company that offers solutions in information, communication and security through provision of a portfolio of IT services that solves critical problems for clients. They specialize in helping clients secure their operations, increase efficiency, utilize their IT infrastructure, enhance support to their end users and modernize their enterprise applications.


Britcom wanted to add SMS messaging as a VAS (Value Added Service) to its already running services offered to their clients. This would help them to offer more complete or all-in-one solutions for their clients, and make them a one-stop shop for all the services their clients need. They wanted to provide something that would not take their clients out of the way to learn, easy to use and adapt to. However providing that service as their own would have required them to setup SMS services from the ground, which meant overhead costs(employment of more software developers) for a venture which they had not done before. As this was to be added on as a value added service and not as their main service the costs of building their own SMS system would have outstripped the benefit of providing the service to their clients.

SMSJuice Solution

Having been presented with this challenge, we knew straight away that our footprint would have to be undetectable to Britcom’s clients, whilst providing a full service for them. Britcom’s clients use email as an everyday communication tool, so this stuck out as the tool that we can enable for them to use to send SMS to their clients. To get round not using our Email-SMS connection credentials we built a system that would accommodate Britcom as an Email-to-SMS reseller of our services. This also paved the way for other resellers to come on board and use our Email-to-SMS platform without using our credentials. This way Britcom was able to provide their clients with their own Email-to-SMS connection credentials on which our Email-to-SMS platform was still able to process the messages as if they were sent directly through our SMS platform.

Solution Benefits

  1. Get the benefits of SMS to their clients without overheads associated with a full SMS system
  2. Never worry about updates to the latest system, as that is done frequently
  3. Sell SMS service to clients at a price independent of SMSJuice prices and costs

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