Legitimate and Highly Responsive Subscription Collection for Bar1725.

Bar1725 is a tapas restaurant & bar located in the heart of the historic city of Lancaster, Lancashire. In addition to making delicious home-made Tapas they also have an extensive range of drinks and wines that is second to none in the region.


Bar1725 wanted to be able to make sure that people who visit their website would have an opportunity to get the discounts, offers and menu updates that the Tapas bar would offer, and in turn send them an introductory offer for their efforts in subscribing. The problem is that only 22% of the general crowd attend to their emails, 29% to tweets and only 12% to facebook information, so this dilemma meant not everyone got an opportunity to actually view or claim a discount offered to them because they may have missed it. Moreover not everyone is on social media, and this would end up isolating the ones who are not on the social media. This would not maximise the potential to reach or give everyone visiting their website an opportunity to get and respond to subscriptions.

SMSJuice Solution

To give an opportunity to everyone who came to the website to subscribe we decided to put a widget that one can enter their mobile number to subscribe. Our system then automatically sends them a subscription discount/offer to the clients. This way subscribers were more likely not to miss any offers, discounts and information that has been sent to them. After all, it’s the client that wants to know about it. According to recent statistics 80% of consumers said they have not been marketed to by their favourite brands, and 57% would be interested in opting into a brand’s SMS loyalty program. This solution is helping capture the percentage of consumers who want to subscribe to Bar1725’s discounts and offers programs.

Solution Benefits

  1. SMS Subscription has 98% impression rate, hence offers & discounts are not missed
  2. Instant nature SMS makes it easy on when to send out information for Bar1725
  3. No internet, social network profile or smartphone needed for subscription
  4. An assurance that subscribers opted in, and no contact information is collected dubiously

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